Welcome to Tabor. We are a place of reflection and prayer situated in the north west of England. We offer you a safe and friendly space where you can connect with your deeper self and find a spiritual path that nourishes your soul.

We hope that our website will provide you with the information you need and that it will make it easy for you to contact us.


"This place will be like a bright morning star where I the Lord will be greatly praised."

St Teresa of Avila

Upcoming Events

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Friday 26/05/2017  •  Lectio Divina
Friday 26/05/2017  •  Centering Prayer
Tuesday 30/05/2017  •  Scripture as Story
Friday 02/06/2017  •  Lectio Divina
Friday 02/06/2017  •  Dancing Sacred Movement

Latest News From the Carmelite Leadership Team

Dear Friends,

After a period of discussion and discernment we have made a decision to close Tabor.  Unfortunately we can no longer maintain a retreat house community there.  Aware of the impact of this decision we are sorry for the loss it will create in the lives of many people.  For the past 15 years Tabor has been an oasis of spiritual nourishment and peace in the north west of England.  It is our hope that the experience of community and ministry Tabor has provided will find new forms of expression in the future.