What We Offer

At Tabor we provide a variety of opportunities. These include:

Weekday Eucharist and Prayer: 7.00am Morning Prayer, 5.30pm Evening Prayer, 5.45pm Eucharist.

Day Retreats: Our day retreats usually take place on Saturdays. They begin at 10.00am and conclude at 4.00pm.

Courses: Some of our courses are held in the evenings, others in the mornings. Most of these courses take place once a week for four to six consecutive weeks.

Private Retreats: We have self-catering accommodation facilities for those who like to spend some time in personal reflection and prayer. Private retreatants have the use of our beautiful prayer room, liturgy room and garden space.

Individually Guided Retreats: About four times a year we offer a five day individually guided retreat. These retreats involve a daily meeting with one of our directors. They are conducted in silence.

Spiritual Accompaniment: The members of our ministry team are available for regular spiritual accompaniment. Spiritual accompaniment sessions usually last an hour. Our recommended offering for these sessions is £30.00.

Healing Ministries: We offer different types of healing for mind and body.  These include counselling, reflexology and massage.

Tabor India Fund (TIF):  This is a Tabor sponsored charity to help the Carmelite Missionary Sisters in India who work among slum dwellers in Bangalore and Andhra Pradesh. We accept donations by cheque or standing order.